Car Keyring for key with Light Maker
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Car Keyring for key with Light Maker

Car Keyring for key with Light Maker

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product information:

Style: Acrylic trumpet Tritium Gas Self Luminous keychain

Shell color: Transparent

Shell material: Acrylic

Tritium tube specifications: 1.5 * 6mm

Color: green, yellow, ice blue, orange, red

Product Size: 20 * 9mm

Weight: 2.29g



Latest and brightest! Compared with other similar fluorescent key ring, the biggest advantage is that it can be used underwater 100 meters, can be used in harsh environments.


Product Description:

Without any external energy, non-fluorescent sticks, without sunshine and power, sustainable self-luminous 15-25 years. The product is the highest concentration of tritium trachea in front of the market


Light principle:

Tritium is hydrogen isotope gas, chemical formula H3,it's common in the air, the product through high-tech technology, the tritium gas sealed in a special hard-coated glass tube, tritium issued low-energy ß particles, Phosphorus absorption after the issue of light. The half-life of tritium is 12.3 years, or 12.3 years after the brightness is now half. Half of the tritium elements are released into electrons every 12.3 years and become helium. Consider the early collection, storage, production process of consumption, its bright human eye can capture the time, can be maintained for about 20 years. Theoretical light-emitting time is infinite. After the luminous period, which is also very valuable material H3, can be used as a chemical element collection.



No energy consumption: self-luminous, do not need any energy and light source.

Long life: up to 20-25 years of service life.

Maintenance-free: easy to install, no maintenance.

Fenghuang: waterproof, anti-shock and so on



Diameter minimum: 0.5mm. Max: 6mm

Minimum length: 1.95mm. Maximum: 140mm


Brightness rankings:

The brightness of the tritium tube is related to the volume and the different color coating. Under the same conditions, the brightness of the different colors is: green> yellow> (white = ice blue)> (orange = pink)> purple> red> blue The


The package contains:

1 * tritium gas key chain


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